Magewire 3 - Hackathon

Alongside Yireo, I'm excited to announce a special Magewire hackathon scheduled for the 17th of April. Jisse has graciously offered his course space to gather with a great group of enthusiasts for a full day of hacking on Magewire. But this isn't just any version of Magewire; it's the version that remains unseen, built upon Livewire 3.x.

You read it correctly, Magewire is getting a complete new version, where I've decided to align it with the latest major version of Livewire. In other words, Magewire will skip version 2.x and be released as 3.x.


Over the past few months, my main focus has been on understanding the concept behind Livewire 3. Since this has become a complete rewrite, it was quite a puzzle to adapt the architecture to Magento. In comparison to the current Magewire version, I've decided to stay a lot closer to Livewire this time.
Main reason for this decision is that I've noticed porting features in the current version was always quite a challenge, encountering numerous barriers, which resulted in some features never making it through. My goal with this version is to significantly lower this threshold to simplify contributions.


The concept of the hackathon is to divide the participants into multiple groups according to their preferences. This setup allows for various activities, such as porting features, brainstorming sessions on the new architecture, and exploring solutions for specific challenges.
Additionally, there will be discussions on implementing unit and playwright testing. In short, there's a wide range of options available to cater to everyone's interests.

Naturally, Jisse and I will be present throughout the entire day to offer assistance and provide context to everyone. We'll kick off the day with a basic introduction to the new architecture, then break into groups to dive into the tasks, all while enjoying coffee, tea, and refreshments.
The aim of the day is to give people a unique glimpse into Magewire's future direction and actively engage them in shaping it. Ultimately, as with any hackathon, the goal is to inspire and have fun. In other words, your knowledge and experience don't matter — everyone is welcome to participate.

See you there?

The day will start at 09:00 and conclude at 17:00.

The entrance fee is 25 euros.

I'm already looking forward to it immensely. Hopefully, I'll see you there!

Join us for a special Magewire hackathon on April 17th! Dive into the unseen version built upon Livewire 3 and lets shape the future of Magewire together!