Magewire 3 - Hackathon #2

After having a blast during the first official Magewire hackathon last April, I'm pleased to announce a second Magewire hackathon has been scheduled for May 29th. Again, together with Jisse, we've planned another hackathon to continue the path that we've endeavored during the previous hackathon. No, this certaintly doesn't mean you've missed out; it means we really encourage you to join us in hacking your way into the deep dungeons of this new version.

Previous version

I have to admit, getting everyone up to speed during the previous event was quite an undertaking. This was largely because, apart from myself, none of us had seen a single line of code from Magewire 3. As Jisse already mentioned, the codebase is vastly different from what you're familiar with in Magewire 1. Thanks to Jisse's transparency, this is due to the architectural decision I made to closely adhere to the original codebase of Livewire itself. In simple terms, I chose not to reinvent the wheel (again) but rather to aim for a true port of what was already there.

Behind closed doors

While I'm keen on involving people, I also prefer to keep some aspects behind closed doors for now. Certain elements are still subject to change, and based on the excellent feedback from the previous hackathon, I can certainly reveal more details after this second iteration. Moreover, I believe it would become overwhelming for me if I were to make everything public at this stage. It's safe to say that depending on the feedback gathered from the upcoming hackathon, I aim to unveil more about the current architecture, its advantages, and some exciting new features that accompany it.

Required knowledge

I believe it's safe to say that for those interested in joining us (again) during the hackathon, having some prior knowledge of Magewire is beneficial. I received feedback from the previous event indicating that some attendees were there to learn more about Magewire itself. This was a miscommunication on my part, and I should have clarified this better. The Magewire hackathon primarily caters to individuals who enjoy exploring how a particular framework operates and endeavor to port existing Livewire features and solutions with the assistance I can provide during the event.

See you there?

The day will start at 09:30 and conclude at 16:30.

More details can be found here.

I'm again looking forward to it immensely.

Hopefully, I'll see you there!

Excited to announce the second Magewire hackathon on May 17th! Join us with your coding prowess as we delve deeper into this new version. Don't worry if you missed the first one; it's your chance to hack your way into the deep dungeons of Magewire!